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Home Modification for Seniors

April 19, 2017


Getting the appropriate home modification for seniors makes a huge difference in their daily lives. Home modification for seniors provides a means for seniors to move about their homes independently, safely, and comfortably. Often, home modifications for seniors are the difference between living happily in their own homes, or having to check in to a nursing home or other healthcare facility for supervision and constant care.


Stair Chair Lifts for Seniors


Stair chair lifts for seniors provide a comfortable and convenient means of getting up and down the stairs. Instead of making the tiresome climb up and down, seniors can simply sit on stair chair lifts and enjoy an easy ride. Using stair chair lifts for seniors make navigating the stairs easy, comfortable, and safe. We providing stair chair lifts for seniors for both indoor and outdoor use.




Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs


Installing wheelchair ramps for stairs is another great option for making the lives of seniors easier. Wheelchair ramps for stairs provide a safe option for entering and exiting a building. By simply installing wheelchair ramps for stairs, a building becomes much more accessible to seniors, which can vastly improve their lives. We always provide customized plans for the installation of wheelchair ramps for stairs to ensure every measure has been taken towards safety, convenience, and durability.


Safety Grab Bars


Having safety grab bars installed throughout the house is another great option. Safety grab bars give seniors the ability to better support their weight when sitting or standing. Installing safety grab bars in the bathroom is especially useful for preventing slipping in the shower, tub, or around the toilet. Using safety grab bars is a much more sturdy option for supporting someone’s weight than a cane, and helps to provide seniors with a way to maintain their privacy by not needing assistance sitting or standing in the restroom.


Safety Bed Rails for Falling:


Using safety bed rails for falling can help keep seniors safe at night. Safety bed rails for falling prevent seniors from rolling over in their sleep and falling out of bed. Installing safety bed rails for falling is one of the simplest ways to keep seniors safe without having to supervise their every move, as it provides everyone a way to rest easy without worrying about accidents such as falling out of bed.


Our Services:


We provide DME Installation Services for both commercial and residential buildings. Our DME Installation Services include everything you need, such as equipment, hardware, and a completely customized plan of action. As a professional DME Installation Service, we are experienced working with insurance companies such as Medicaid and Medicare, and providing assistance for Managed Long Term Care patients. No matter what your needs, we can find a solution.

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