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DME Installation - the leading provider of home modification equipment for DME Installation.

DME Installation | Home Modification

DME installation is proud to be able to assist our clients with all of their home modification needs. Many of our clients are Medicare and Medicaid recipients who need a little extra help managing things around the house. In an effort to ensure our client’s self-sufficiency at home, we put our handyman and home repair services to good use and designed our very own DME installation services.


DME Installation includes durable medical equipment repair, maintenance and replacement as a part of the DME installation services that we provide. We will even modify the home to make the installation and use of medical equipment easier. Our team can install handrails, ramps, and other renovations to make functioning at home as easy as possible.


Grab Bar Installation:

The DME Installation team can install safety grab bar handles wherever ease of access is of concern.  We can install bed rails, tub rails, and safety grab bars anywhere else where our clients may need extra assistance lifting themselves up. If need be, we can build walk in showers and lower kitchen counters to make things more accessible.


Stair Lift Installation:

Our crew of handymen can assist with any construction involved in the installation of DME stair lifts, chair lifts, scooter lifts, and wheelchair lifts. We will secure the equipment’s railing to the staircase wall and ensure that the chair is properly installed to the tracks. We can also install bath lifts to keep our clients safe in every room of their homes. Adding a wheelchair ramp or widening the doorway to your bathroom so that they can be living independently.


Ramp Installation:

Installing ramps for clients who need their homes to be wheelchair accessible is all part of a day’s work for DME Installation. We would be happy to install wheelchair or scooter ramps outside so our clients can enter their homes with ease, or anywhere else that a ramp might be needed. We can also install safety rails upon request, and widen any doorway to further increase accessibility in the home.


Having durable medical equipment installed in the home is vital for our clients to be able to maintain their independence. DME installation is often the difference between being able to live comfortably at home, or having to seek out care from a nursing home or medical facility.  Providing these services greatly enhances the lives of the clients that Home Clean Home serves, and we are proud to be of assistance.

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